May is National Vinegar Month

Simple Life Hacks for the Summer

It’s officially National Vinegar Month and we’re celebrating this popular ingredient by sharing various ways to use vinegar for the summertime. These helpful cleaning and recipe hacks of the summer are sure to make your life easier with a little help from our old time friend – vinegar.

Summertime Poolside Recipes

TIP: Meat Tenderizer

Prep your meats for the grill with a vinegar tenderizer. Create a tasty marinade using your favorite choice of vinegar mixed with heated oil. Add it to the meat of your liking then rub in well. Let it stand for at least two hours then place it on the grill to be cooked to perfection.

Quick and Easy Summer Cleaning Tips

Cleaning on those hot sunny days can be the worst in the summertime.
Here are some quick and easy tips used for your kitchen, laundry, and lawn maintenance.

Woman cleaning her stainless steel refrigerator with a cloth

Removing streaks from your stainless steel appliances can be a stubborn tasks. Make your task of cleaning appliances a little easier by applying vinegar to a soft cloth then try in an inconspicuous place first.

Rotwein auf dem Hemd !!!

The initial shock of spilling wine on yourself can be very nerve-wrecking. Don’t worry, vinegar can remove those stains from cotton, cotton polyester, and permanent press fabrics within the original 24 hours. Grab your favorite distilled white vinegar and a sponge to remove the wine stain. Then be sure to clean your item according to the manufacturer’s care tag.

Grass growing at the crack concrete road.

The growing grass in your driveway and sidewalk can become a blemish to your property. Make the property even more beautiful by eradicating the problem using full strength white vinegar. Pour the vinegar over your problem areas and repeat until the grass perishes.

Did you know?

Getting rid of pet odor is as easy as 1, 2, 3… Just mix water and white distilled vinegar then saturate your pet with the solution. Without rinsing the solution off, towel dry your furry friend and watch the smell disappear.

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Looking for additional uses of vinegar?

Check out our Uses and Tips page for a complete list of vinegar hacks to help you survive spring?

Have fun celebrating May as National Vinegar Month!