UH box jellyfish research reveals best sting treatment

January 21, 2016

UH box jellyfish research reveals best sting treatment

New research from UH Manoa is shedding light on the best treatments to ease the burn of Box Jellyfish stings.  The new scientific models show urine and cold water don’t work, and may even make the problem worse. Hot water immersion provides some relief, but by far the most effective treatment researchers have found is something you probably already have in your pantry.

“Vinegar we’ve found is absolute, robust and solid reproducible way to inactivate tentacles and the stinging cells that have been discharged but are left on the skin. So we recommend that as a first course – douse the area with vinegar,” said Angel Yanagihara.

Over the counter products were tested as well, Lidocaine, ethanol and isopropanol all were found ineffective according to the study. Box Jelly Fish account for more than 100 deaths worldwide each year.