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Vinegar Tips Featured on ran an article by Kim Painter on ways to reduce cloudiness and spottiness on dishes.  The author offers 5 tips for clean dishes, including the one below related to vinegar:

Try the vinegar cure
If your glassware already is covered in a sad, milky film, try this technique suggested by the cleaning institute: Put two cups of vinegar in a bowl on the bottom of the dishwasher. Put cloudy glasses and other filmy non-metal dishes in the machine. Run a full cycle without detergent. Then rewash the load with detergent to remove any leftover vinegar. Metal items can be shined up with stainless steel cleaner or silver cream.

Ms. Painter must be a vinegar fan!  A separate USATODAY.COM article noted spring cleaning with vinegar:

Wash one window.
Window-washing has a reputation for drudgery. So do just one — and see if it doesn’t inspire you to keep going. Use a spray bottle of equal parts water and vinegar and wipe with newspapers or a microfiber cloth. To see streaks more clearly, clean on a cloudy day.