Using Vinegar to Control “Colonial tunicates” and “Zebra” Mussels

Using Vinegar to Control “Colonial tunicates” and “Zebra” Mussels reports on an ancient, jelly-like organism along Oregon’s coast that can smother shellfish beds and coat boat hulls, docks and water intakes.  According to the article, the organism, a “colonial tunicate” (Dedemnum vexillum) is native to Japan and is on the list of the 100 worst invasive species to keep out of Oregon.  Possible methods of eradicating the organism include “smothering” the colonies, physically removing them and vacuuming all traces, and applying a vinegar or bleach solution. To read the entire article, use this .

Meanwhile, Texas Wildlife officials are asking for assistance in controlling the spread of Zebra mussels.  The mussels can cling to the engine of a boat and be transferred to another lake.  An article on notes that boat owners can use vinegar to remove the zebra mussels, but they should allow the boat to dry for five hours before setting sail again.