New Website Launched Touting the Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

New Website Launched Touting the Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

A press release was issued on PR Web regarding the launch of a new website touting the benefits of apple cider vinegar.  The site was launched by a “group of entrepreneurs.”  According to the release, company spokesman Alex Moore noted, “after a thorough research and in-depth study we have concluded that many people are not aware of a number of benefits of apple cider vinegar.”  The release also notes, “The focus of the new website is to make people aware of the different benefits of this apple cider vinegar so that they can start to research if it is something they should consider.”  The website is titled, “Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.”   The release also mentions organic apple cider and recommends an article on the website that explains “why this kind of vinegar is different from the non-organic kind and reveals its special advantages.”
A Variety of Uses for Vinegar

  • An article on provided readers advice about cleaning apartments to get back a deposit.  The author recommends the following with respect to vinegar:

Cleaning Walls and Doors
The other thing I’ll be doing is cleaning my walls and doors. I’ve been in my apartment for three years, and I have never cleaned the walls. I’ve only sporadically cleaned my doors and door knobs. I know that if I don’t clean those items, the apartment complex will think they need painted. Thankfully, I have found that a mixture of 50 percent lemon juice and 50 percent distilled white vinegar works wonders on walls and doors and removes almost every stain when applied with a sponge.

  • An article from offered readers advice on getting rid of rodents and bugs.  The author provides a detailed tip on how to trap fruit files with vinegar, which is noted below.

I have a go-to technique for trapping fruit flies. This involves killing them, but they die quickly. I found it on line years ago and it works well. Take a one or two-liter sized plastic beverage container. Cut a hole in the side about halfway up that is about the size of a tangerine. In the bottle, pour apple cider vinegar (not white vinegar) with a couple of drops of dish soap. The fruit flies swarm to it and can’t get out of the vinegar because of the dish soap.

  • Heloise offers readers on (Hutchinson, Kansas) a tip to clean manual can openers.  The tip is provided below:

Use white or apple cider vinegar to clean rust away. Dry the opener with a hair dryer, making sure to get into all of the crevices.  When dry, lubricate moving parts with a little mineral oil.