Celebrate the Endless uses of Vinegar

For the past 10,000 years, vinegar has been used in numerous ways, dating back to the ancient Babylonians using it as a preservative and a condiment. Vinegar has several benefits for everyday living. From the kitchen to the bathroom and even laundry, vinegar can even be used to clean around the house. Today, vinegar is a natural and environmentally safe product to use almost everywhere. Vinegar can assist in everyday health maintenance, like weight management, managing blood glucose, and itch relief. Vinegar is also very useful around the house when cleaning. It can be used to clean windows, marble counters and refrigerators. Vinegar can even be used while cooking, like boiling eggs, cooking fish and yes for frying doughnuts. And of course, many recipes call for vinegar.

Cleaning the Vinegar Way

According to Better Homes and Gardens, cleaning with vinegar is not only cost effective but environmentally friendly and can be used to clean just about every room in the house. For example, cleaning your refrigerator and microwave with white vinegar can remove stubborn stains and is safer than chemicals, which could be toxic. Click here to learn more

Vinegar in your Laundry

Distilled white vinegar can be used in laundry. Vinegar is an environmentally safe product that kills germs and removes odors from clothes and neutralizes detergents that leave soap residue. When added, vinegar can even freshen the washing machine. To create a more scented experience in your laundry, add your favorite essential oil for a fresh, clean scent. For example, a few drops of lavender or lemon essential oil can give your laundry a natural refreshing scent without added chemicals from leading detergents and fabric softeners. Learn more here

Did you know?

Adding two tablespoons of distilled white vinegar and sugar in fresh flower water,  lowers the pH balance of the water which helps the flowers absorb more water and can help them last longer?

Vinegar and Pets

Vinegar is pet friendly. For many pets eating grain based foods, they often have digestive problems, which leads to high pH balances, and if untreated, can cause the pet a great deal of discomfort. Adding apple cider vinegar to their food allows good bacteria to flourish and can help your pet digest food better and lower the pH. It can also be paired with water as a spray to help repel fleas and ticks, while also neutralizing odors in their coats. Click here to learn other uses.

When Vinegar isn't Vinegar

Spring is here. And so is spring cleaning. Nowadays, while many are looking to “greener” cleaning solutions such as “cleaning vinegar”, look at the label before you buy to be sure it really is vinegar. Any product labeled as “cleaning vinegar” should list vinegar as an ingredient. Otherwise, it is not vinegar at all and might just be “acetic acid”, which is generally obtained by chemical synthesis of fossil fuel hydrocarbons (not vinegar) and not the green solution you were looking for.

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Have fun celebrating…

May as National Vinegar Month!