Meet the Association

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An integral part of the Institute is the Scientific Committee, which is comprised of technical representatives from the member companies. The Committee is constantly involved in projects that will benefit the industry. One of the most significant contributions of this group was the adoption in November 1974 of specifications for white, cider and wine vinegar. Prior to that time, the only recognized definitions for vinegars were those based on The Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines which were originally created in 1906.

A Promotion Committee was formed in 2002 to explore promotion opportunities with an eye toward increasing vinegar consumption in a manner to benefit all VI members.


The Vinegar Institute is governed by a 19-member Board of Directors. This group is responsible for developing sound Association policies and for the supervision and management of the affairs and property of the Institute with the overriding goal of serving the best interests of industry members, customers and consumers.

Regulatory and Technical Affairs

Our Scientific Committee coordinates a wide range of technical activities, sharing information, developing procedures and solving problems resulting in improved efficiency and productivity. Participation on the Scientific Committee is open to all member companies.

We regularly monitor state and federal legislative and regulatory proposals affecting the industry and act to represent the industry’s interests in such matters.

Promotion Efforts

The Institute has an active consumer awareness program overseen by the Promotion Committee with input from the Board of Directors. The goal of this program is to increase the food and nonfood uses of vinegar and vinegar products through educational vehicles that encourage the use of vinegar and focus on the versatility of the product.

Networking Opportunities

Annual meetings are held each March, and provide an opportunity for vinegar manufacturers and suppliers to network, discuss issues impacting the industry and develop programs of most benefit to members. The Scientific Committee and Board of Directors also meet in September to discuss current Association work and plan projects for the upcoming fiscal year.

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