World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Urges Consumers to Use Natural Alternatives

July 1, 2015

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Urges Consumers to Use Natural Alternatives

The website, (touted as everything under Australia’s media, marketing & entertainment umbrella), featured a story regarding a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) campaign urging consumers to replace household products with natural alternatives.  According to the article, WWF “is urging consumers to replace mass-produced and often wastefully packaged household products in favour [sic] of simple and natural alternatives.”

The campaign highlights a number of environmentally friendly and sustainable items that can substitute for many household cleaning and beauty products.  Vinegar is mentioned as one such item.  The group has a website (called Just*) that details what types of natural products can be used as replacements.

Vinegar is noted as a replacement for the following:

  • Toilet cleaner (along with baking soda)
  • Metal polish (along with salt and flour)

The article notes, “The campaign is a response to WWF’s Living Planet Report 2014 which revealed humanity’s demand on the planet is now more than 50 per cent greater than what nature can renew.”  The article can be accessed using this link.