Tips from Heloise and Martha Stewart

Tips from Heloise and Martha Stewart

Heloise suggested to readers of the to use vinegar to help clean faucet aerators.  See the tip below:

Low-water aerators are highly recommended for saving water. Aerators do get clogged with minerals and dirt, causing a noticeably slower flow of water from your faucet. It is a fairly easy job to remove the screw-on faucet aerator screen and rinse it well, using a toothpick to clear the holes. For stubborn deposits, soak the aerator screen in full-strength vinegar overnight (don’t put any stainless-steel parts in the vinegar, as it can pit the parts).

Also, they are relatively inexpensive to replace — usually less than $5 each.

Meanwhile, Martha Stewart suggested to readers of (Philadelphia) to use vinegar to remove no-slip decals from bathtubs.  The tip is noted below.

You’ll need vinegar and a wooden or plastic tool with a scraping edge (an old credit card will work), as well as time and patience. Warm the vinegar briefly in the microwave. Plug the stopper, and pour the vinegar over the decals, saturating them. Let the vinegar sit for about half an hour. Gently wedge the credit card between the tub and the decal. Separate the sticker slowly and methodically. If the layers of the decal begin to separate, move to another section and continue scraping. Remove any remaining glue with a rough cloth. For tougher jobs, use Goo Gone cleaner.